About us

We are a group of digital professionals who are passionate about creating useful software solutions.

Inspire Trust and Stimulate an Ethical Culture to Flourish.

Convivity technology is dedicated to upholding a culture of ethics and conducting business in a straightforward and moral way. 

Our beliefs constantly encourage collaborative interactions based on mutual respect and trust, which is the cornerstone for achieving the highest standards of excellence.

“Making an impact, together”

Leading the new era of digital transformation

Convivity Technology allows businesses to accelerate and unleash new potential. We can focus on creating real value through digital transformation because of our extensive industry experience and technical capabilities. We apply our expertise in emerging technologies to help diverse industries navigate the most critical leaps.

“Changing our way of thinking is the most important part of our digital transformation.”

Building collocated teams with an entrepreneurial sense of ownership

Over 100 online and mobile software projects have been created and engineered by our team since 2018. In the most recent years, we have developed competence and specialisation in the creation of specialised e-learning, e-commerce, or digital dashboards.

Speed-up and simplify team building

According to data from 40k teams, achieving peak performance takes 6 months. We can build a high-performing team in 2-4 weeks thanks to our team-building approach.

Stop micromanaging remote developers

Managers are responsible for 70% of team engagement and productivity. 200+ businesses put their trust in our tech leaders, who received a service quality rating of 90.3%.

Get much faster quality results

According to a study by Hay Group, motivated teams outperform rivals by a factor of 2.5. Benefit from the 9.1 employee NPS of our teams. Benefit from experience that has been proved.


Innovation is more than just a buzzword; it’s ingrained in our organisational culture and DNA. Our path toward innovation started in 2018 and is still driving us forward today. The right to innovate is a unique organisational skill thanks to the culture at Convivity Technologies. We observe movement that has united the entire firm around this innovation ambition, fostering connections that give our consumers value that goes beyond the contract.

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Content Creation and Data Entry


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Associate Frontend Developer


Associate Frontend Developer


Associate Frontend Developer


Associate Frontend Developer


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Frontend Developer - Intern


Content Specialist


Content Specialist


UI/UX Designer - Intern


UI/UX Designer - Intern

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